About Us

The Roller Blaster Records Group

Roller Blaster Records is a UK based limited company established in 2017. We have significant music industry experience having worked with the likes of Ministry of Sound, Rinse, Garage Shared, Select Radio and more. We have a strong network of associates who we can bring in to help us deliver amazing products. The Group is made up of four labels each with their own flavour - Rollerblaster  (deep, lofi and disco house and deep tech, Band And Bassy (UK Garage and Jungle), You Funked Up (Tech House and Nu Disco) and Devil's Owen (Techno).

Underground Club

Our Story

Roller Blaster started in 2017 as the label outlet for FTSE who had worked with some of the biggest names in dance music including Rude Kid, JayKae, Dona'o, Shola Ama, Kideko and TCTS. The FTSE project came to one end in 2019 but the label has endured becoming a home for new artists electronic music artists from all over the world. The label has merged with three other labels covering a range of dance music styles from jungle to techno, disco to lofi house. We have had tracks played by the biggest artists in the world, featured on national radio and artists that have gone on to play festivals, arenas signed to major labels and management companies. 

Our Partners


How We Work

We sign tracks or sets of tracks but you are not locked into any commitment to work with us on future releases and can sign with other labels.  

Roller Blaster Records has standard recording agreement where we make back our costs for promotion, art etc. and then anything else is split 50/50 between the label and the artists. We don’t factor in any administration fees. Our distributor will take a small percentage cut of the gross income before we receive it to cover their costs. We don’t offer advances and neither do we expect a direct financial contribution from artists towards releases. Due to banking costs we only pay out when an artist account is in credit for £50 (GBP) or more.

If you do not have your own publishing deal set up we can offer a basic co-publishing deal where you receive your mandatory 50% and then the other half is split between yourself and the label. You are welcome to manage your own publishing affairs if you wish.

Artists are responsible for sample clearance. However, we will help and advise if this is complicated and where we have existing contacts will utilise these. We will not commercially release tracks where you cannot provide assurance that you have sample clearance.

We do not provide management services so it is important that you have a social media strategy and are able to manage your artist pages on stores and streaming platforms.  We will provide support with this is you need it. 

Technical Specifications

Main tracks should normally be at least 5 minutes in length and streaming edits 2.30 - 3 minutes You will normally need to provide an instrumental dub as well as an increasing number of DJs ask for these.

You will also need to provide stems of the original track for remixes.

We normally ask that you provide your tracks professionally ​mastered and we can put you in touch with a mastering engineer if you wish. bIn n some cases we will have tracks mastered for you and this will be recouped as an expense by us.

Masters: .wav file, peaking at 0 db, 4100hz, 16 or 32 bit

Premasters: .wav file, peaking at -6 db, 4100hz, 16 or 32 bit, no compression or limiting on the master bus, a second of silence at the beginning (to reduce latency during the mastering process).