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Bassique Musique serves deep French goodness

If something sounds familiar to you on “Lost in this Groove” then you’d be right. The vocal sample is lifted from the 14 minute (!) long demo of the Bedrock track that featured in the Trainspotting movie. Recorded in 1993 on a four-track cassette machine by Bassique for the awesome Carol Leeming who featured onto finished article.

As you would expect from Bassique’s usual Anglo-French flat-beat style there are also two deep cuts here in the form of Bébé and Chaton Chaud (or “Hot Kitten”) as well as the first release of the Bassique Musique dub of Terri-Anne’s “Raving….” which went down a storm with the likes of Riva Starr, Kenny Brian, Kryder, Dan Marciano, and Agent Greg on its first promo push.

The Lost in a Groove EP is out on Roller Blaster Records on 8 January 2021 in all DJ stores and streaming platforms.

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