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Chilled lo-fi House from Happy Medium

Imagine for a moment if James Murphy had formed LCD Soundsystem not in some cool New York loft but in a shack in the Canadian Rockies with no police sirens and city hubbub but with just the sounds of nature. What you’ve just imagined is pretty much Happy Medium, crazy analogue synth driven techno-punk absolutely raw and infectious but with an underlying cool and calm. Nothing is over produced here - the synths hiss and the beats bump and the overall impact is amazing.

Matt Downie, aka Happy Medium, left urban life, his friends and family in 2011 to create artisan house and techno music out of Golden, Canada surrounded by three mountain ranges and with a regular covering of crisp snow. A cynic of the modern music industry Matt has aligned himself with forward looking and creatively focused labels releasing regular singles and EPs to critical acclaim.

The single release of “I Don’t Know Who You Are Called But You Are Beautiful” (we just call it IDKWYAC!) features a remix from a like mind in Johnatron, a Californian based electronic producer with a nod to the sounds of the pop of the 80s, the rave culture of the 1990s and the simple sonic structures of early video games.

“I Don’t Know Who You Are Called But You Are Beautiful” is available in all stores now. Listen here

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