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The Techno Is Coming (in fact it's here!)

What a way for Rollerblaster Records to kick off 2021! The Techno Invaders EP includes these three hot and driving cuts from Canadian techno and trance guru Saad Ayub (here collaborating with talented new producer Katrii), Californian electro-rave experimentalist Johnatron and the freshest new deep-tech producer from the UK in the shape of B3CKS. A mix of peak time and more raw and hypnotic flavours Techno Invaders takes you on a journey from retro sonics to cutting edge contemporary beats.

Techno Invaders will be follow up by three remix EPs with Saad and Katrii’s “Seduction” given an acid treatment, a Berlin basement flavour by B3CKS and, fresh from their recent number one slot on the Beatport tech-house charts a groovier version courtesy of FunkSpin.

Johnatron’s “Chameleon” gets a minimal re-work from SideTrak Records main man Karl Frampton (formerly known under his “Off the Cuff” moniker) and new Australian producer and DJ Flamingo.

B3CKS “I Belong in Berghain” also gets a solo outing with paired with an acid version with 303s firing on full throttle.


Saad Ayub

Saad Ayub is a Toronto, Canada based DJ and producer. In 2019 he firmly established himself as one of Canada’s top producers through original releases, remixes and collaborations with legends including Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten, and he continues to play the biggest clubs and festivals worldwide. His digital footprint can be found in his own and other producer’s sets, from North America to Europe, Asia and beyond. Saad’s persona and taste has evolved to au caurant melodic Techno, as he refuses to be captive to stale and predictive sounds that many DJs feel the need to fuel. With the renaissance of techno throughout the electronic music scene, Saad’s dynamic interpretation of dark underground techno coupled with his trance background will be leaving destroyed shoe soles on dancefloors for years to come.


Katrii is a Canadian-American musician based in Toronto producing dark and hypnotising. techno, trance and industrial. She is signed to the VTRN label and frequently collaborates with Saad.


Californian Electro-Rave experimentalist Johnatron has had a varied music career. His first released tracks in the 2000s were a series of popular weekly edits that he did for his now defunct music blog, Disco Workout. Following, he expanded with various releases spanning the genres French Touch, Nu-Disco, and synth heavy 80s and 90s inspired house while maintaining a strong presence in the Bay Area indie dance scene through DJing and live sets.


B3CKS is a 19 year-old DJ and producer from London who has been supported by Data Transmission and across specialist UK radio. B3CKS obsession with Roland 303s and classic European techno as well as her clear passion and understanding for contemporary electronic music makes her one to watch.

Simeon Orbis

Simeon is well known inherent some city of Toronto as the organiser of the "Da Loft" party nights and as a member of the 6ix DJ collective. Pique is Simeon's first full release and you are bound to hear more in time to come.


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